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Plant & Seed Collaborative Research Laboratory with industry partners

Summary description of the proposed lab
Attracted by UC Davis' leadership position in plant and agricultural sciences, several companies have expressed an interest in the creation on the Davis campus of a collaborative research lab with industry partners where UC Davis scientists and students, joined by industry scientists, would conduct pre-competitive research to translate genomic knowledge into useful phenotypes.

Among the interested industry partners are large, medium and small seed companies, involved in a broad range of horticultural and agronomic crops. Other interested partners are active in genomics, breeding technologies, seed technology, and contract research services.

The diagrams of the proposed CoRe Lab show:
- the project's ambition to attract a wide variety of companies in order to foster a dynamic and stimulating environment with rich networking opportunities; and
- the campus' strong and diverse scientific and technological environment relevant to the research focus of the planned lab.

This project has been discussed with some 30 companies in California, the US and overseas, both in one-on-one meetings and at two public brainstorming sessions. Considerable feedback has been obtained.

For questions, please contact:
- Kent Bradford at kjbradford@ucdavis.edu or
- Francois Korn at fkorn@seedcentral.org



  Preliminary renderings (May 2013)
  Early diagrams of the CoRe Lab
  April 2012 presentation by UC Davis Campus Architect Clayton Halliday
  April 2012 presentation by consulting architect Andrew Cunnigham, Flad Architects

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